The model’s physique is not the main requirement for becoming an artist’s model. [See: Life Drawing Model Requirements] Artists want to draw people and people come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Some artists may have greater interest in specific shapes/ages/faces for their current project(s), but artists can learn something from drawing any model.

What is important is that the model can hold a pose for the intended length of the pose. [See: Modeling for Life Drawing] Poses can be as short as a few seconds (gesture poses), go for several minutes (short study poses), or run for longer periods of time (long study poses) requiring the model to take breaks, and return to the same pose.

Models should bring something that they can change out of their street clothes into, for their own comfort and quick access. Models generally change from street clothes in the washroom, and put personal belongings in a gym bag, or something similar. Many models wear a robe, or other light covering, before sessions and during breaks. Slippers, or sandals, are also a good idea if street shoes are not quick to take off, or if floors are cold.

It is also recommended to bring along a sheet, or blanket. This allows the model to cover furniture, and other surfaces, to create a more comfortable surface to pose on.

Props are also something to consider, but are not required. If the model has practiced with an item, e.g., hula hoop, exercise ball, staff, etc., and use it as an inspiration for poses, they could consider bringing it. Check in with your session manager to see what props are available, if any.

There are three general types of modeling session that an art model would be asked to do.

Instructed — These are classes designed to teach life drawing (figure drawing) to the enrolled students. These classes are usually part of an arts curriculum at a college, university or art community group.

Uninstructed — These are sessions where a group of artists get together to draw a model for self-directed, professional development. These sessions are typically open sessions available to anyone who pays the session fee. [This is the type of session that Life Drawing Moncton organizes.]

Private — These are session a single artist hires a model to pose for the artist individually.